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Children full of life (2003)

– What’s the most important thing this year? 

-To be happy!

-What are we here for?

-To be happy!

-We only have one life. So let’s really enjoy it, OK?


If I told you that these lines come from a an elementary school usual morning dialogue between teacher and students, you would naturally consider that it probably derives from a film resembling classic “Dead poets society” or something similar. And I wouldn’t blame you. Because such inspiring and motivated teachers could easily exist in films and romantic novels, but unfortunately are hardly ever come across in real life. However Mr Makamori is non fiction. He is a 4th grade primary school teacher in Kanazawa, Northwest of Tokio in Japan. And as part of his job as a techer, he considers not only learning kids how to count or write and read  properly, but also giving them one the most astonishing and important gifts any teacher could ever offer: introducing them in life itself and helping them how to cope with it.

Children full of life, directed by Noboru Kaetsu and produced by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) is a simple story about the greater things in life. It could certainly be suggested to all schools for screening and it should be seen by all educators no matter what their language, religion or cultural background. Enough or not enough said for such a gread documentary, just watch it!

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Brain Story (2000)

Brain Story is a 6 one hour episodes series by BBC, narrated by british scientist Susan Greenfield . The series examines the mysteries of the human brain. Each episode is dedicated to a different subject regarding the brain functions. The first episode explores the origins of emotions. Episode two reveals the illusion of vision. On the next episodes Greenfield is searching out the outstanding characteristics that differentiates humans from chimps, explaining the formation of the human brain that is based on constant changes between neuron connections, and on the 6th episode reaches out the final mystery of human conciousness. All these issues are being interladed by following patients undergoing brain surgeries whilst awake and interviewing philosophers, clinicians and neurosurgeons. If you are not about to fade away on the view of an open brain, go for it!

Banaz A Love Story (2012) Fuuse Films

A documentary about Banaz Mahmod, one of the thousands of victims of honor killings in muslim communities in the UK and worldwide, who was raped, tortured and finally murdered at age 20 by her own family.

Norwegian-born to muslim parents, film director and human rights defender Deeyah Khan and producer Darin Prndle, are presenting an excellent example of a completed and balanced testimonial documentary, interviewing witnesses from both muslim and non-muslim communities.

A great and qualified research that tries to bring into light these horrifying related to culture acts of vengeance, targeting mainly women who are believed to have brought dishonor upon their family.


Sabbia (2006)

Sabbia (Italian for ‘sand’)is a feature length visual album by Philadelphian filmmaker and artist  Kate McCabe , produced, shot and directed for the desert-stoner -rock musician Brant Bjork. In other words a desert ‘s masterpiece that comes as a gift not only for Bjork’s music lovers but as well as for all of those who, like the desert, cannot be claimed or owned…